Find Your Focus

Formulated with carefully selected unique ingredients, our variety of supplements provide vital nutrients that support brain health and aid in cognitive performance. Whether you could use a little clarity, or are seeking productivity, Earth's Splendor cognitive support supplements are a fantastic and effective solution to help you stay focused, sharp, and balanced.*

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Picture of Aurite® Saffron 30ct

Cognitive & Focus

Aurite® Saffron 30ct

Illuminate each day with a 1 month supply of Aurite®—a tiny capsule supporting balanced mood, relaxation, and memory.*
Picture of Aurite® Saffron 60ct

Cognitive & Focus

Aurite® Saffron 60ct

Brighten your day with a 2 month supply of Aurite®—a powerful capsule supporting mood balance, relaxation, and long-term memory.*
Picture of Aurite® Saffron Plus Ashwagandha

Cognitive & Focus

Aurite® Saffron Plus Ashwagandha

Support well-being with our unique Aurite Saffron Ashwagandha blend— limit stress, maintain focus, while promoting overall health.*