Portrait of Ben Sheppard in an Earth's Splendor t-shirtPortrait of Ben Sheppard in an Earth's Splendor t-shirt
Ben Sheppard
Ben Sheppard

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Ben is originally from Atlanta Georgia and averaged 13.7 points per game his junior year of high school at Greater Atlanta Christian School, where his team won the Class AAA state championship. Following a 4-year standout career at Belmont University, Sheppard was drafted 26th overall in the 2023 NBA Draft. Sheppard quickly emerged as a consistent player for the Pacers & has established himself as one of the best young players in the NBA on a new and improved playoff team.

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Ben Sheppard layupBen Sheppard layup

Treat Your Body like a Professional

Embracing the importance of wellness from the outset, Ben is excited to partner with Earth’s Splendor to prioritize his physical and mental fitness. With a focus on sustainable performance and long-term health, he is eager to leverage the benefits of Earth's Splendor products to optimize his performance on the court and lay the foundation for a successful career in professional basketball.

“I'm pumped to kickstart my professional career with a focus on wellness. I'm all about prioritizing my physical and mental health from the get-go; ready to hit the court at my best and set the stage for a successful journey in the league.”

Ben Sheppard doing pull-ups Ben Sheppard doing pull-ups
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Fitness Focus

Men's Health
Energy Support
Immune Support

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