Image of racecar drive Chris YoungImage of racecar drive Chris Young
Chris Young
Chris Young

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Chris Young, a NASCAR Division 1 driver based out of Long Island, New York, has used a calculated approach to move through NASCAR’s regional series, consistently achieving success at every stage of his journey. Progressing to the Tour Modified in 2017, his career is permeated by exciting victories, unbelievable moves from behind the wheel, and unyielding determination both on and off the racetrack. Chris’s passion extends beyond the driver’s seat and into the race shop where he is integrally involved in vehicle design and team operations.

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Treat Your Body like a Professional

Whether it's race day or a routine practice session, Chris prioritizes his health in sleep, hydration, and proper nutrition to ensure consistent energy levels while on the track. Recent race team growth, paired with new equipment, have provided Chris the opportunity to continue to showcase the impact such focus has on a driver's performance to the rest of the NASCAR circuit. Championship aspirations fuel Chris’s path forward and have ever strengthened his pursuit for a sharper edge.

“Pre-race preparation has to go beyond the car, the driver has to be at their physical and mental peak in order to win – The only way I can stay at that level is by ensuring that I take care of myself between races”


Fitness Focus

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