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Your mind is a garden, it is meant to grow and thrive; that's why we created Mind Garden®. With premium Lion's Mane Mushroom extract, Mind Garden is designed to support cognitive function.* Lion's Mane Mushroom may also help support memory, focus, and clarity.* Our Mind Garden supplement is Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Made in the USA, using imported and domestic ingredients. 


For adults, take two (2) capsules daily, preferably with a meal.


WHY MIND GARDEN?: Our Mind Garden Supplement is an artisanal Lion's Mane Extract complimented with Phosphatidylserine and Vitamin B12. Lion's Mane is primarily used to maintain cognitive function and mental clarity.*

  • MAINTAIN YOUR BRAIN: Mind Garden is full of ingredients designed to maintain brain health, and support mental clarity. The perfect tool for busy people looking to stay on top of their game.
  • THOUGHTFULLY SOURCED: A carefully crafted blend of brain-supporting nutrients, Mind Garden is a gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO formula that helps support your brain. This thoroughly crafted supplement is manufactured in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients.
  • KEY INGREDIENTS: Mind Garden dietary supplements use a vegan formula, delivering a blend of 500 mg of Lion's Mane Mushroom extract, phosphatidylserine, and vitamin B12 to support memory and cognitive function to help you stay focused on your goal.
  • SUPPORT COGNITIVE FUNCTION: Taking Mind Garden will help support your memory – our supplement is designed to maintain brain function, helping you stay sharp and focused throughout the day. This makes Mind Garden an ideal choice for those looking to support their mental performance and cognitive abilities.

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