Fitness Support

Unlock your peak performance with our fitness-focused vitamin and supplements. Designed to complement your active lifestyle, Earth's Splendor offers a variety of products to help with daily support for your individual needs. Wake up revitalized and energized, primed to conquer your fitness goals with a new outlook for consistent success.*

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Picture of Vitamin B6


Vitamin B6

Experience sustained vitality with our Vitamin B6 100 mg supplement, carefully formulated for a 6+ months supply.
Picture of Beets

Heart Health


Heart health at its finest with Essential Beets®—500 mg Beet Extract for circulation and blood pressure support.*
Picture of Melatonin 6 mg


Melatonin 6 mg

Experience restful nights with our 6 mg Melatonin time release tablets for sleep support, promoting tranquil and deep slumber.*
Picture of Melatonin 12 mg


Melatonin 12 mg

Sleep support you’ve been craving. Unique 12 mg Melatonin extra strength time release tablets for a wonderful night of slumber.*
Picture of Potassium Gluconate

Heart Health

Potassium Gluconate

Support an active and healthy life with our Potassium supplement; energizing muscles and nerves to ensure you feel your best.*
Picture of Turmeric Complex with Black Pepper

Immunity Support

Turmeric Complex with Black Pepper

Support daily well-being with our Turmeric Complex. Powerful Antioxidants in every Capsule.*
Picture of Vitamin B12

Vitamins A-Z

Vitamin B12

Support daily energy metabolism, cell health, and the nervous system with our Vitamin B12.*
Picture of Vitamin D

Immunity Support

Vitamin D

Support bone health and mood with our Vitamin D, a 75 day supply for a vibrant you!*
Picture of Magnesium 500 mg

Heart Health

Magnesium 500 mg

Support well-being with Magnesium—vital for healthy bones, muscles, relaxation, and mood balance support.*
Picture of Vitamin B Complex

Immunity Support

Vitamin B Complex

Introducing our expertly formulated Vitamin B Complex supplement, designed to support your overall well-being with a potent blend of essential B Vitamins.