Melatonin 12 mg

Melatonin 12 mg

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Earth's Splendor Melatonin 12 mg Dual-Release Bilayer tablets provide extra strength sleep support to promote a tranquil and sound sleep pattern at night. With both ready release and extended release melatonin, be prepared for a night of uninterrupted slumber.*


Adults take one (1) tablet at bedtime as melatonin may produce drowsiness. As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications you take with your healthcare providers. Do not exceed recommended dosage.


  • SUPPORTS SOUND SLEEP*: Fall asleep and stay asleep with our Melatonin 12 mg Bilayer supplement. Melatonin works in harmony with your natural sleep cycle to support a tranquil and sound sleep pattern at night.*
  • UNIQUE BILAYER FORMULA: These bi-layer, timed release tablets contain both a ready release layer and a timed release layer to help support normal patterns for a restful, relaxing sleep.
  • EXTRA STRENGTH FORMULA: Utilizes 12 mg of a melatonin dual release for restful sleep. An excellent choice for people who suffer from occasional sleeplessness, or jet lag.*
  • NO EXTRAS: Does not contain any yeast, wheat, gluten, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, or soy. No sugar or salt. No artificial flavor or preservatives. Vegan- friendly.
  • 2+ MONTH SUPPLY: With 60 tablets, Earth's Splendor Melatonin 12 mg Bilayer gives you a 2+ month supply.

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