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What is the Earth’s Splendor customer rewards program and how do I earn points?
The Earth's Splendor Customer Rewards Program is our way of showing appreciation for your loyalty. It’s designed to reward you for the activities you already enjoy doing with us. Here's...

How do I sign up for Earth’s Splendor’s customer rewards program?
Signing up for Earth’s Splendor’s customer rewards program is simple and seamless. Here’s how:
- Make a...

How can I check the number of reward points linked to my account?
Checking your reward points is quick and convenient. Here’s how:
- Log In: Start by logging into...

What happens if I return a product or cancel an order? Will this affect recent rewards?
We understand that sometimes returns or order cancellations are necessary. Here’s how it affects your rewards:
- Refunded Orders: If your order is marked as refunded, any points earned...

Will my reward points ever expire?
No, your rewards points may be redeemed at any point in time and do not have a tangible expiration date.

I have rewards points I would like to gift to someone. How can I do this?
We appreciate your generosity! Currently, the process involves redeeming your rewards points as a coupon. Here’s how you can do it:
- Redeem Rewards: Convert your rewards points into...

Will I earn reward points for subscription orders?
Absolutely! With each order generated by your subscription, you'll receive reward points just as you would with any other order. It's our way of thanking you for your continued support...